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    Hi! I am an everyday life adventure photographer. I tend to find the most extraordinary moments in the ordinary. I have a famiy full of boys who love wildly and that I love wildy. My house is an adventure, my hands are never still, and my heart is always full. Contact me so we can capture your family and your adventure.
    I love this quote...I feel like I always stumble upon my most favorite photographs just like I do adventures with my boys..Be careful going in search of adventure - it's ridiculously easy to find.

It’s about that time….

Well we are close to departure. Packing, packing, packing…. I keep getting asked ” Are you scared, nervous, apprehensive?” Actually no… I have a real peace about going to Kenya. I’ve prayed and prayed, Lord tell me what to do, if this is not your will, give me an uneasiness that I can’t live with…. instead I have a peace that I would have never dreamed of having about embarking on something of this magnitude. So, let’s get this party started!!!

2 cameras and 6 lenses and lots of gear in this bag. I’m cool as long as I don’t lean backward. I keep imagining a turtle stuck on its’ back….


Because of so many generous friends and family, Lu and I have 2 trunks packed full (see below) of new pj’s for the children at the Limuru Children’s Centre. All have enclosed a special hand written not telling the children how special and loved by God they are. I truly appreciate all who helped in this effort. I can’t wait to see their faces.


Kenyan Facts: During the early part of the 20th century, the interior central highlands were settled by British and other European farmers, who became wealthy farming coffee and tea.(One depiction of this period of change from one colonist’s perspective is found in the memoir “Out of Africa” by Danish author Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke, published in 1937.) 

Oh yeah…you better believe it…Out of Africa is on my iPad for the trip! Love me some Robert Redford!




Getting ready to leave….here we come Kenya!


Well, I’ve not done too well at keeping up the blog, again, I resign to do better! I will be posting journal type posts here during our journey, so check back when you can to follow our adventure. My photography and our God led both my husband and I to this adventure a couple of months back. I was asked to join a local group and travel to Limuru, Kenya to photograph their work there. Global Connections is based in my hometown. I have known the founders most of my life. At first, I said no. Then God really weighed heavily on my heart that this was a journey I needed to take. So, I prayed, and prayed some more. Then, I said yes. Ironically when you finally say yes to God, a peace comes to you that you can’t explain. If  you would have told me a year ago that I was  going to travel around the world and leave my sweet boys for weeks I would have said you’re crazy. When God places something on your heart that you finally give in to, you truly do get the peace that passes all understanding. Things began to fall into place. Little did I know,  the biggest surprise of HIS plan was yet to come! I finally sat down one night to book my airfare. My husband sat beside me as I searched for flights. He was quiet as I was searching and finally said to stop looking for 1 flight and look for 2! He had decided that he would also travel with me! This brought on such a mix of emotions. We’ve been married 11 years this year. We have young children, a business that we work in together, and the busy life of parents with small children. We run to meetings, t-ball games, soccer practice, swim lessons, grocery stores, and all the places in between. Date night doesn’t come as often as we’d like. I’m just going to keep it real here…the thought of spending 16 days in Africa helping others together…God couldn’t have answered my prayers that I hadn’t even prayed yet in a BIGGER way! It’s been a hectic year, to be able to share this experience together is beyond my wildest dreams. So, we started our preparations and our prayer. We’ve had shots and meds. We’ve planned our travel, began packing our bags, making lists, and preparing to travel to Kenya. I must admit to you that my dream from childhood has been to be a National Geographic photographer. My grandfather was not an extremely educated man, but he read each months National Geographic from cover to cover. Then I read them or at least looked at all the pictures. To be able to serve with a team with such a strong faith AND take photos while I am there…wow…I still can’t quite wrap my mind around it. So, I hope you enjoy our little chronicle. I will do my best to update it! We await our departure in about a week and are packing away!

A few facts about our destination: Limuru is know for the large amounts of tea they grow. That is their main crop and they grow a very large portion of tea produced. It is a mountainous region. Our weather will be pretty much like Mississippi fall. High 70′s an low 40′s.

Portraits of Motherhood 2013

A big thank you to all of you that participated in the Portraits of Motherhood fundraiser. Renee Reedy Photography was such a wonderful partner in this event! You have all shown your generosity and kindness in funding our passion to help others. Thank you for sending me to Kenya! But I must tell you , the absolute best blessing of this whole project was being able to see motherhood and the blessing that it truly is. For Renee and I to be able to give you all such a cherished memory…. this has been by far our favorite project to date! I can’t wait for next year!

I’m dusting off the blog and visiting 1492….

As you can tell, I’ve neglected my blog. I’m going to dust her off and give it a go again! I’ll do my best to keep up! So be on the lookout for client shoots and lots of life in between. My client shoots are VERY limited this summer. I will be traveling quite a bit and let’s face it…raising a 5 and 1 year old…who has time to shoot/blog? But I hope you enjoy my updates from time to time…I will indeed try and do better!


I’ve been on the couch with the sinus crud for the last few days. Both littles found it too…but I had mentioned we would go to see the Nina and the Pinta at our Marina this weekend BEFORE the crud hit us. So, the oldest little got to feeling better and has a memory as sharp as a tack I tell ya. So cruddy mama and sweet dad pack them up and make the stop. I didn’t feel the greatest, but I won’t forget it. Educating our children is such a blessing. No matter how much teachers teach our children, it is our responsibility to grow their little minds. For him to connect…In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue…while walking on the actual ships…phenomenal. I just enjoy peaking their little imaginations… knowledge is a gift that offers infinite return.. We were blessed today with our visit to these ships. They are here in the Columbus Marina until Tuesday. GO SEE THEM! You won’t regret it!


Savvy Seniors & The Winner Is……

Well first off…the winner of the Make Pie Not War adorable gold camera necklace is….#11  Liz Behm!

 Wow, so fun it went to this ClickinPro mom! She’s pretty handy with a camera, so the necklace is fitting! Liz, message me your address and I will drop it in the mail! A big thanks to everyone for participating in Made It Mondays! I look forward to trying to keep it up! If you have a person that you would like to submit for a Made It Monday..send them my way!

Now onto Savvy Seniors! This shoot was so much fun! I big shout out to the Savvy Photographer and  The Savvy Workshop for designing this amazing shoot. Along with Leslie Kerrigan of Seniorologie, how could these images not rock? I also want to thank Rachel Nelson of Vivospasalon in Rosemary Beach for her beautiful job with the seniors makeup. Well done ladies.

Now for a few Senior shots I love!