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    Welcome. I am a wife to one heck of a guy, a mom to 2 fabulous "all boy" little boys, and just happen to be a professional photographer…in my spare time. I have a big heart for Kenya and enjoy working with a local non-profit there when I can. I am limbo about my photography work for clients, so I am using this space to keep my creativity fresh. I enjoy challenging my talent, otherwise I feel like it might slip away. Lucky for me, my boys produce plenty of opportunities!

May 30 { Friday Fieldtrips }

I’ve had some awesome chocolate chip pancake makers this week. Quite the little cooks we have:)

One thing the boys and I did last week was to make a summer bucket list. I’ve wanted to do this for several summers and never made myself. This year, we did it. We wrote down about 8 day trip places we wanted to visit. We are shooting for one a week. On the weeks we have baseball camps and vbs, we may be hit or miss. But, we started today. The rainy weather has dampened our campground ( yes we are still camping :)… I may never go home. Keeping 250 sq feet clean and my kids of devices is just about heaven in my book). We hit a home run on our first summer field trip. The Sam Wilhite Transportation Museum of trains in West Point, MS. To say my boys were awed is an understatement. There were so many trains running on a massive track in an actual old depot. Mr. Terry Craig runs the museum and is a wealth of knowledge. He had so many interesting stories for us. Rigg especially was very vocal about this love for the trains. I had no idea the history of the Railroad in Mississippi. We enjoyed our first field trip very much. I highly recommend it. We did not have time for lunch in West Point but if you make a morning of it and want lunch, hit up Anthony’s Market or Nightingales Bakery, both serve a fabulous lunch. Today was special and my boys really enjoyed the outing. It’s only 20 minutes from Columbus and a great treat. Take the time to visit, your little train enthusiasts will thank you.
It’s located on Depot drive in West Point. Go past Anthony’s and turn in between the little liquor store and and the next street. It’s on the train track.
Open Thurs-Sat. from 10-5pm. Donation of $5 per adult and $1 per child.

May 26 Thankful

Today I’d like to be thankful. I’m thankful for the service men and women that serve so that we can be free and sometimes give the ultimate sacrifice, their life for our freedom.


{metadata: most of these pics are made with the new Samsung nx300 or my trusty IPhone5}

I’m thankful that I didn’t reach my hand down to remove my only “trot line catch”…he had quite a snapper!

I’m thankful we spend such a fun day with family and friends.

I’m thankful little boys eventually get so tired they’ll all sit still and watch a movie while camping.

I’m thankful for this kid who has more love to give than should be legal. I could eat him everyday. He could also drive me nuts at any given moment.

I’m also thankful for good friends that give us a fireside concert while camping… even if we all can’t sing a lick but belt out Sweet Home Alabama like we actually know all the words.

I’m thankful for so many things this holiday weekend. We are blessed and so very thankful for such good times with our boys. We’ve made many memories this week and we’ll look forward to many more.

May 25 Trot Line Pros and Baked Bean Queen

We woke early to run trot lines and enjoyed worship on this Sunday for which I am very grateful. Boys are so fun. You can’t get them to stand still but if you ever do, they might enjoy a 2 hour nap like today. That enabled us to stay up way too late tonight. Today was full of fishing, more baseball, bike riding, and adventures for all. We had some firsts today. Nash learned to throw a shad net and I cooked my first dutch oven baked beans to compliment our camping neighbors unbelievable ribs. I think I might be the dutch oven baked bean queen. I know that Dutch oven is going to see a lot more action before this trip is over. Have I mentioned how much I love having scads of boys with us all day. We enjoyed a real deal “pick up ” game this afternoon. You know the kind where you drive through the campground picking up boys in a pickup who run out to join the baseball game….”the real pick up game”. We ended the night with smores, glow sticks, an armadillo chase, guitar concert, and they are still out checking their trot lines. This vacation could just go on forever and I’d be perfectly content…just us enjoying simple fun outdoors together…perfect. 

The “Real Pickup Game”

My first baked beans in a dutch oven…good!

Learning to throw shad net today.

Cutting up our shad to bait hooks.

Running trot lines is serious business.

Baiting our trot lines.

This kid loves to drive!

This sweet baby is hanging around our campsite!

May 24 Awesomeness

Today was awesomeness. My boys learned to tie trot lines and even caught a few. I learned that a bucket full of minnows can entertain 5 boys for at least an hour. I watched my two play until their heart was content. They rode scooters and bikes, ran trot lines, played baseball, and had an all around fantastic day. New friends join our campsite everyday. They stay until way past too late. Laughter is alway abundant. Folks, camping vacations are the best. We ended the day with Nash being in the wedding of a couple very close to our heart. I’m so happy we were able to celebrate the wedding of Shelly and Andrew. Shelly’s dad has been around our lives for a long time. I have never heard a kinder man that loves the Lord preach the Gospel. He officiated his daughters wedding today and it was the most heartfelt ceremony I have every been too. It was beautiful. He ended by saying, “There is no problem that exists on earth today that love cannot fix” and that is so true. Today my cup runneth over.

note the camper coffee mug… #awesome

“fibump mama”

trot line 101

“goldfish mama”

his girl carrie

May 23 These are the days….

We are officially camping for the holiday. Today has been awesome. It’s 10pm and I count no less that 7 little boys playing baseball in our side yard on our campsite. I’m listening to all kinds of laughing… the kind of laughing you want to always remember. Nash is ring bearer in our babysitter’s wedding tomorrow. We had to run to rehearsal tonight and I promise I looked at the groom and then his mom. I then glanced over to my little ring bearer and fast forwarded 20 years… I about lost it right there. Then I came back to our campsite and say 6 little boys waiting on him to go play and thanked God for more time…These are the days….

{Metadata: Canon Mark II, 50 mm, f/2.2, ss 1/125, iso 2000}